Danish architect reveals mind-blowing skyscraper in Singapore

280 meters tall, reigning in the center of Singapore with the grey metal bending to make room for trees growing out of the building.

That is the basic idea behind a yet unnamed skyscraper designed in a collaboration between the Italian architect group Carlo Ratti Associati and the Danish Bjarke Ingels Group, commonly known as B.I.G.

The yet unnamed skyscraper will be among the tallest of Singapore. Photo: Bjarke Ingels Group

The best way to describe the building is that most of it is a pretty common skyscraper – huge, grey and with some irregular shapes here and there. But almost half way up, the skyscraper sort of stops to make room for a giant garden, or more correctly, a forest, with the metal pipes bending to make room.

“BIG’s design seeks to continue Singapore’s pioneering vertical urbanism with the 280-metre-tall diverse community of places to work, live and play inside as well as outside,” said Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner at BIG. “At multiple elevations, the facade peels open to reveal urban oases for its users and the surrounding city – animating the elegant smoothness of modern architecture with the ubiquitous tropical nature.”

The skyscraper will be built on 88 Market Street and will be among the tallest buildings in the constantly developing Singapore, 51 storeys tall.

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