Danish clothing company Bestseller’s mega donation day

On 10 April the Danish clothing and accessories company Bestseller held its donation day, GIVE-A-DAY, where their consumers’ spending contribute to giving back to communities, including in China and the Philippines via foundations.

The donations totalled a staggering €15,014,122 to be donated to charity around the world.


“Everything our customers spend on 10 April 2015, we give to charity,” proclaimed Bestseller as they had decided to arrange a worldwide charity day across all brands and countries.

In practical terms an amount equalling the net turnover of all Bestseller-owned and partner-owned retail stores, all own online shops plus the net turnover of our b2b sales on 10 April 2015 was donated The total donation was the accumulated turnover from all participating countries excl. local VAT.

“GIVE-A-DAY is about giving something back to the communities, where we have built our success, and to help people in need. We are really proud of the results we have generated and we have witnessed an enormous commitment from our colleagues and the customers that made it all possible,” said Corporate Communication Director Mogens Werge.

“The total amount exceeds all expectations, and we can’t wait to get the money out working for the children, we are here to support,” said Steen M. Andersen, general secretary of UNICEF Denmark, handling the global UNICEF donation to fight malaria in Angola, Kenya and DR Congo.

Half of the total donation was donated to local charity causes in the countries where Bestseller has its stores, while the other half went to major global charity causes.

Thanks to the donation, GAIN (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition) can also contribute greatly to combatting malnutrition in India.

“The donation gives us an amazing opportunity to create a healthier future for thousands of children in India, where almost half the children suffer from chronic malnutrition,” said Charlotte Pedersen, Senior Advisor in Gain.

In China the Dream School project that ensures proper school attendance and a chance for a better future for tens of thousands of children in rural areas got support.

32 million children attend boarding schools in rural China, starting as young as 6 years old. The children’s parents have left to seek jobs in the big cities, and the schools do not provide a quality environment for young children to develop, both intellectually and physically. The Dream School project helps giving a chance for a better future for tens of thousands of children in rural China.

In the Philippines the supported Pink for Life foundation that raises funds through events and private donors to help treat patients with stage 1 and 2 breast cancer. Pink for Life provides as much as 70% discount to chemotherapy treatments.


Bestseller is a family-owned clothing and accessories company founded in Denmark in 1975 by Merete Bech Povlsen and Troels Holch Povlsen. They provide fast affordable fashion for women, men, teenagers and children and the products are available online, in branded chain stores, in multibrand and department stores.

Bestseller Fashion Group China is an independent company owned by the Holch Povlsen family and two Danish business partners in China. The group designs its own collections for more than 6,300 stores in China.

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