Witnesses and Swede’s mysterious beach discovery links to MH370 disappearance

Swedish newspaper Expressen has reported on a Swede’s new information, which she also tried to bring to the attention of the Malaysian Transport Ministry: the discovery on a beach on Kanuhura in the Maldives, one morning, of a lot shoes scatted around, along with small juice cartons of the kind served on board planes.

During a morning walk on the beach with her husband Anette von Arnold, 58, came across the finding.


“It looked very strange, we had never seen anything like it! There were men’s and ladies’ shoes and flip flops spread out on the beach along with small juice packages. We informed our hotel but the could not care less.”

Unfortunately she had not brought here smart phone with her and next time they returned everything had been cleared from the beach. Everything was gone.

The mysterious finding took place when she was on the Maldives for vacation, the week after Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared without a trace on 8 March 2014.

Since then she has felt uneasy about it, and Annette von Arnold thinks about the shoes every time there is some news reported in the missing plane.

“I find it incredible that they haven’t searched in that area, it’s like if they had have decided that it must be somewhere outside Australia. They should send someone to investigate this, and it seems rather nonchalant not to listen to witnesses from this island,” she says.

“I sent an email to the Malaysian Transport Ministry but got no reply.”

It was after new information emerged based on the Australian newspaper The Weekend, which travelled to the island of Kuda Huvadhoo in the Maldives to meet islanders who had claimed the saw a plane, that Annette decided to come forward and tell her story.

One witness stated to the newspaper he saw a plane and believes it could have been that plane.

Islanders said that that plane has the same colours as Malaysia Airlines planes have.

“I saw this huge plane tilt somewhat to the side and I could see its colours, the read and blue lines, under the windows. Then I heard the loud noise, said one witness.

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  1. Why on Google Earth, the sea aerea south of Maledives and north of Diego Garcia is pixeled since the accident????

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