Danish delegation visited fisheries center in Malaysia

On 1 November a delegation from the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food and representatives from the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture visited Fisheries Research Center Glami Lemi.

Photo: Embassy of Denmark in Kuala Lumpur

The delegation was accompanied by the Danish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. They also visited Ornamental Fish Centre Port Dickson.

The purpose of the visits was to share best practices about fish farming, and in particular recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) technology.

RAS technology is used in home aquaria and for fish production where water exchange is limited. The main benefit of RAS is the ability to reduce the need for fresh, clean water while still maintaining a healthy environment for fish.

RAS technology is a part of the Memorandum of understanding (MoU) on agricultural cooperation between Malaysia and Denmark.

A MoU is a nonbinding agreement between two or more parties outlining the terms and details of an understanding, including each parties’ requirements and responsibilities. An MOU is often the first stage in the formation of a formal contract.

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