Denmark to strengthen regional coordination

Source and photos: Facebook pages of the Danish Embassies in the region

Danish Ambassadors from accross South East Asia and trade advisors from each embassy’s commercial department met Monday and Tuesday 22 and 23 January 2018 in Singapore to disguss how they could improve the coordination of the efforts in selling Denmark’s core competencies accross the region.

The meeting is a regular annual event and included also represenatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark, IFU, EKF and company representatives from Vestas and GN Hearing.

During the meeting, ScandAsia’s founder Gregers Moller also had an opportunity to present how using ScandAsia’s magazine and website setup could help communicate the message.

According to the Danish Embassy in Indonesia, the Regional Meeting was a great success and did strengthen the aim of having regional cooperation across the Danish Embassies even further. To fully utilize their time, the trade advisors also met some of the Danish companies that are working regionaly out of Singapore.

The meeting was focused on Denmark’s commercial activities in the region and did not involve the consular section of each embassy.

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