Danish Embassies will be hiring food experts

Photo: Takeaway @ WikiCommons
Photo: Takeaway @ WikiCommons

To reach a the growing middle class and make up for loss related to the Russian boycott on EU goods, the Danish government is presenting a new strategy to increase food exports in Asia and other growing markets.

Yesterday the Danish Ministry of Agriculture presented a new strategy to increase the export to markets with a growing middle class. This means that there will be hired special food and growth counselors at the Danish embassies in Malaysia and China.

At the presentation of the strategy Dan Jørgensen, Danish Minister of Agryculture, said that safe products of a high quality will be in heavy demand because of the worlds growing middle class.

“It will demand safe and sustainable products of a high quality, and this is what Denmark is good at. That’s why I believe there is a great potential in this strategy,” Dan Jørgensen said.

Exploring alternative markets

According to Danish newspaper Politiken the Russian boycott has cost Denmark around DKK 3,5 billion in exports. The new strategy will focus on several different countries to avoid being largely dependent on one country like Russia.

Politiken spoke with Mogens Jensen, Danish Minister of Trade and Development, he thinks that the new strategy will affect Danish companies positively in the long run.

“A lot of Danish companies in the food industry is challenged because of the development in the relationship with Russia and they need a helping hand,” he told Politiken.

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