Heavy Scandinavian presence at Hanoi music festival

Carpark North performing. Photo: Simon Wedege Petersen @ WikiCommons
Carpark North performing. Photo: Simon Wedege Petersen @ WikiCommons

So far Monsoon Music Festival in Hanoi has confirmed three Scandinavian acts.

Two of the bands are funded by the Danish Embassy. It is the Danish rock band Carpark North and the electronic duo Lulu Rouge that plays dark and melodic music. Furthermore  Martin Hedin, the keyboard player from Swedish metal band Andromeda, will perform at the festival.

The Danish Embassy in Vietnam has supported the festival economically and head of the culture and communication department Jacob Green explained why at a press conference yesterday.

“Culture is a vital part of Denmark’s strong partnership with Vietnam. The Monsoon Music Festival is a positive development to the contemporary culture and music scene in Hanoi and Vietnam and The Danish Embassy is happy to support and be part of the Festival,” he said.

The music festival will take place in Hanoi between the 2nd and 4th October in Hanoi’s former Thang Long Imperial Citadel. Apart from the Scandinavians there will be a large range of international and Vietnamese acts as well.

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