Danish Embassy in Bangkok updates Thai Airways daily with instructions

The Danish Embassy in Bangkok updates the supervisor at Thai Airways daily with a list of criteria which travelers they may allow to board the current flight from Bangkok to Copenhagen – and which passengers they have to refuse boarding the plane. The instructions ensure that all passengers on the flights to Copenhagen can get into Denmark and so the flight staff don’t have to make stressful decisions based on personal judgement.

Airlines risk paying a large fine and the cost of returning a passenger, if the individual is refused entry once they have arrive Copenhagen.

The list of criteria updates frequently – and so the staff of Thai Airways find it hard and difficult to give advice to travelers, as the situation can change rapidly. One thing is for sure though: if a traveler has been to China, Italy, Iran, Korea, Hong Kong and Macau, they will most likely be denied access to the flight, according to a Customer Service Supervisor at Thai Airways.

The list of criteria to get on the flight to Copenhagen is also accessible on http://www.iatatravelcentre.com

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