Danes, Swedes, Norwegians must now have medical certificates to board planes to Thailand

Travellers from Denmark, Sweden and Norway will now have to present medical certificates that they are Covid-19 free and special Covid-19 insurance papers to be allowed to board planes to Thailand. That was announced by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT).

The website of the Ministry of Public Health does not yet reflect this requirement.

The new rules were announced at a press conference on Wednesday 19 March, where CAAT governor Chula Sukmanop included travellers from the second group of countries named “ongoing local transmission areas” which included the three Nordic countries, but not Finland, among the travelers who need these documents that was previously only needed for the first group of zones named “Disease Infected Zones”.


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4 Comments on “Danes, Swedes, Norwegians must now have medical certificates to board planes to Thailand”

  1. Thank you very much Gregers, your input was the most helpful on the planet. Just one more question if you have your own property to self isolate can this be used….or must you go into ASQ at extortionate cost?

    Thank you very much
    Mark Andrews
    Ystad Tomelilla ……

  2. It seems like hospitals and doctors are not informed about the Corona Covid 19 document they have to issue to secure that passengers are without symptoms, and allowed to travel to Scandinavia.
    Where can a document like this be issued?

    Thank you in advance

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