Danish embassy supported civic engagement in Vietnam

With support from the Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi, a workshop about civic engagement in Vietnam was held in the second last week of October.

Photo: Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam

The workshop brought together more than 70 participants from the government, research institutes, NGOs and community organizations for discussions on how to promote the concept of civic engagement and how to strengthen human values such as mutual respect, humanity, kindness and tolerance of differences.

Acknowledging that these values are of great importance for the well-being of a society, the participants further discussed how to ensure that civic engagement is promoted and accepted to different parts of the Vietnamese society, including when it comes to policymaking, legal frameworks and promoting civil society structures.

The workshop was organized by the People’s Participation Working Group (PPWG). PPWG was established in 1999 and provides an informal forum for organisations and professionals to meet and exchange information and ideas on issues relating to people’s participation, grassroots democracy and civil society. Participants are encouraged to share information relevant and interesting to other members of the network

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