Danish exhibition and book launched in Malaysia

On 7 March 2017 the Embassy of Denmark, Kuala Lumpur celebrated the launch of the Danish exhibition at Serdang Galeri, UPM and the book ‘Cerita laman kehidupan dari] or ‘Stories from the garden of life in Copenhagen‘ written by Dr. Shureen Faris.

The exhibition ‘Copenhagen: Create a Better Life for People‘ has three parts. The first part, Copenhagen Solutions, presents examples of how universities and cleantech companies are working together with Copenhagen municipality to develop ever new energy efficient and CO2 neutral solutions. The second part, Contemporary Danish Architecture, celebrates the strong Danish architectural identity and shows contemporary architecture by Danish architects that combine aesthetics and functionality. The third part of the exhibition, Architecture with People, highlights the importance of the physical environment and how it reflects and affects society.

The book by Dr. Shureen Faris is the first book about Denmark written in Malay. It provides a wonderful insight into the design and architecture of green public spaces in Copenhagen and also celebrates the Danes’ favorite way of getting around: the environmentally friendly bicycle!

The exhibition ‘Copenhagen: Create a better life’ can be seen in Galeri Serdang at Universiti Putra Malaysia from the 7th of March until 31st of March. The exhibition consists of three parts: One on Copenhagen Solutions to climate change, one on Contemporary Danish Architecture and one on how to make Architecture for People.

Source: Embassy of Denmark, Kuala Lumpur

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