Danish expertise to plug China’s water supply leakages

Backed by their abundant experience on the domestic front, a number of Danish enterprises have set their sights on the huge market potential for water-supply efficiency projects in China, in lieu of the nation’s grave water shortage problem. water suppli

China is now one of 13 nations worldwide described as having the scarcest water resources, with its per capita amount of water resources reaching only 2,100 cubic meters a year, one fourth of the global average. The problem is especially serious for metropolises, as per capita water resources in Beijing, reach under 100 cubic meters a year, less than one twentieth of the national average, Chinese-language China Economic Weekly reported.

A recent case in point is the “China-Denmark Water-Supply Efficiency and Sustainable Development Seminar,” held in Wuxi, Jiangsu province on Oct. 16, which attracted many Danish entrepreneurs.

Some Danish businesses are ready to offer their expertise in helping Chinese cities cope with the leakage problems in their water supply networks. Due to outdated pipes, mostly installed in 1980s, 16% of the water supplies in China’s 675 cities was lost during the transmission process in 2011, amounting to total of 6.68 billion cubic meters lost, with the problem especially serious in the central region, including Beijing, Henan province, and Hunan province, whose average leakage rate exceeded 16%.

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