Danish fashion industry to target China

Danish fashion-brands have yet to gain exposure to Chinese consumers. So far the Danish fashion industry has proved to be a huge export success in Germany and Sweden, but now it’s time to look to the enormous potential of the Far East, Nynne Norman Scheuer, export consultant in Wear, Dansk Erhverv, said.

“The Danish fashion industry has been a strong force in the home country and across the nearest borders. But there is so much business opportunities, if we start focusing on China and South Korea as well,” she said to Ritzau.

Dansk mode til Kina

Out of a total of 26 billion kroner worth in fashion-exports, Germany accounted for a fourth, the equivalent value of Norway and Sweden combined. While the other half was sales made in the rest of the world.

Nynne Norman Scheuer cited Danish clothing concern, Bestseller, as an example, since they have already gotten a foot inside the door of the Chinese market.

“It is important that the negotiations on Free Trade agreements that are ongoing with the EU and USA and Japan will yield positive outcomes. It will remove some of the obstacles that have prevented Danish companies from penetrating the Asian market,” she stressed.

The growing wealth of the Chinese population is of particular relevance to the visions from Dansk Erhverv and the Danish fashion industry.

Source: Ritzau Bureau, January 27, 2014.

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