Danish firm launches ‘good drones’ in Philippines typhoon cleanup

Much of Tacloban city in the central Philippines is still littered with debris, weeks after a super typhoon.drone_hugiin-x1

A welcome addition to the clearing effort is this unmanned aerial vehicle, known as a drone.

Equipped with a small camera, it aids in search and rescue, identifying blocked roads and bodies for collection.

The company who developed it, Danoffice IT, says its made of plastic similar to lego.


“When organisations first saw it here, they thought it was a bit of a toy. But when they realised all the different uses you could do like body retrieval, road clearance, you name it, I think this is a tool that will be used in every future disaster.”

Critics say drones violate privacy rights in countries with loose regulations.

But this is just one of the many ways to help.

The death toll from Typhoon Haiyan has passed more than 5,000, and 4 million people have been affected.

Aid teams from around the world are pitching in with relief efforts, sending supplies and treating the sick.

To support the field work of Humanitarian NGOs on the ground, Danoffice IT is offering its civil drone Huginn X1 technology and manpower free of charge to frontline NGOs, including NetHope member organizations Direct Relief and Catholic Relief Services.

“The Huginn X1 is a technology that can greatly improve relief efforts in disaster-affected areas like the Philippines.” said Frank Schott, Interim President and Executive Director of NetHope.

Source: Vision

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