Danish Food Authority moves fast after export irregularities to China

Photo: Millefoods.com

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has quickly initiated a series of inspections at dairies in Denmark with exports to China, following a case where one dairy, Mille Food, could not document the origin of some ingredients.

Mille Food had bought ingredients imported by the company Titan Trading without proper documentation of origin and used the ingredients in manufacturing infant formulas powder milk destined for the Chinese market. Last week, the police intervened and confiscated 400 pallets of infant formula milk powder at Mille Food’s factory.

Mille Food dismissed its managing director Steve Wang who also owns the Titan Trading company but the case is not over yet.

Mille Food received its approval by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) in December 2017 and has been successfully expanding its business in China since.

Photo: millefood.com

On 24-27 July, the company had a big stand at the CBME in Shanghai – the largest baby and maternity product exhibition in the world – which was among others visited by the Danish Consul General Jakob Linulf.

In an unusually quick reaction to the recent revelation of irregularities in the company, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration last week initiated a series of inspections at dairies with export to China. One of them was Thise Dairy, whose CEO Poul Pedersen, is pleased with the fast reaction.

.”A sharp food control in Denmark is precisely one of the reasons why people in China are completely comfortable with Danish food,” says Poul Pedersen to “FødevareWatch”.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration says there is no indication that companies other than Mille Food have problems and this has been communicated to the Chinese authorities. The other two dairies, that have also already been inspected and cleared are the Arla dairies, Arla Foods Arinco and Arla Foods Akafa.

Source: https://fodevarewatch.dk/Fodevarer/article11688281.ece

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