Danish founded Just Eat is the world’s largest takeaway platform outside of China

The online food order and delivery service platform Just Eat was founded in Kolding, Denmark in 2001 among others by the well-known entrepreneur Jesper Buch. After two major corporate deals, Just Eat has become the world’s largest takeaway platform outside of China. 

Just Eat acts as an intermediary between independent takeaway food outlets and customers and seven years after launching the platform, Jesper Buch resigned as director and in 2012 he sold his shares for a triple-digit million amount.

In 2014, Just-Eat was listed on the London Stock Exchange while the company in 2019 merged with competitor Takeaway.com. In June 2021, the company acquired American Grubhub and is now the largest takeaway platform in the world outside of China. According to reports published on 17 August, Just Eats revenue this year alone has increased by 52 percent to DKK 19.4 billion compared to the same period last year.

Just-Eat is currently headquartered in the united Kingdom and is available in 24 countries, where the group collaborates with around 590,000 restaurants. Although the company is striving outside China, there is still some way before it reaches Ele.me which is China’s largest food delivery giant with a 53.4 percent market share. Ele.me has 260 million users, 3 million couriers, and is estimated to have delivered nearly 300 million orders. Alibaba in 2018 valued Ele.me at USD 9.5 billion.

Source: BT

The well-known Danish entrepreneur Jesper Buch co-founded Just Eat in the early 00s, which today is one of the world’s largest takeaway platforms. He sold his shares in the company in 2012 and became a multimillionaire. (Stock Photo) Mathias Svold / Ritzau Scanpix

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