Danish fur shop to open showroom in Beijing

After a great deal of delays the exclusive Danish fur shop Birger Christensen is now taking the first step in a China offensive with the opening of a showroom in Beijing.

The purveyor to the Danish Royal Court is aiming for the wealthiest of the Chinese and is now going in, starting in Beijing. The showroom is to open in September, said Jens Birger Christensen to Berlingske Business.

”The timing is a decisive factor for success in the Chinese market and we believe that the time has now come,” said owner and fourth generation in the company, Jens Birger Christensen.

After much trouble Birger Christensen has found a Chinese partner who will introduce the Chinese to the exclusive but also internationally unknown brand. The jewelry company C-Jewelry has been chosen as partner and according to Jens Birger Christensen the company already has a strong position witht the wealthiest Chinese.

“The Chinese market for fur is dominated by production – not by design. Therefore there is really a shortage of designer fur like the one we produce,” said Jens Birger Christensen.

Already in January 2012, Birger Christensen said that the goal was to establish five to ten franchises in China by 2016. Since then the company has realized just how difficult it is to find the right partners in China. Because of that, ambitions have now been lowered.

”We want a reasonable growth on the Chinese market where we will educate our partner and the sellers to understand our DNA and values. In light of that we will not see an opening of the first real Birger Christensen shop at least for the next two years.”

The government owned investment fund IFU is investing in the Chinese adventure along with Birger Christensen.

Source: jv.dk

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