Swedish fund ready with $120 million for the Philippines


Swedish fund manager Brummer & Partners is establishing a $120 million private equity fund dedicated for the Philippine market.

Brummer & Partners chairman and founder Patrik Brummer told reporters in a press briefing yesterday that they have launched the Navegar Fund to invest in growing companies requiring new capital to expand operations and acquire new business.

The company has approximately $15 billion worth of funds under management worldwide.

The Navegar Fund would particularly focus on private companies not listed in the local stock market, Brummer said.

“This will serve as an alternative source of capital for private companies who are not publicly-listed but are also relatively big and mature. We would likely make equity capital or make minority investments. We will also be making active participation on these companies’ board/executive committee and provide expertise in addition to capital infusion,” Navegar managing partner Honorio Poblador IV, said.

“This marks a milestone in the Philippines’ financial services landscape, with Navegar committing 100 percent of its capital to Filipino businesses,” Poblador added.

Apart from the confidence on the growth prospects of the country’s economy, Brummer said they believe there is still a huge market for private equity fund in the Philippines.

“We are very excited by the prospect of investing in the Philippines,” said Brummer. “Every time I visit the Philippines I am buoyed by the country’s solid fundamentals and the predictable growth of the overall economy. It is refreshing to see such a dynamic and positive business environment in light of the otherwise challenging circumstances in the developed world,” he added.

Poblador said they would invest in eight to 10 companies with $10 million to $20 million worth of investment each.

Within the year, they expect to invest in at least two companies.

According to Poblador, they are hoping to make the fund investment in the next five years. If the need arises, he said they would put up another fund of the same size after the five-year period.

“Private equity is often cited as a critical success factor in the growth of emerging economies, where capital tends to be both scarce and short-term. Many stock markets globally have suffered the effects of hot money flows. Our fund is committed to building businesses in the Philippines for the long term, no matter what happens in the public markets,” Brummer said. “We look forward to building our business in the Philippines.”

Source: philstar.com

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  1. I cant believe this it must be a big joke….the Philippines I have just moved out of – has been there for six years. It must be the only country I would not give anything to so Sweden must be ad to do this as money in the Philippines will goon guns to kill people from the USA, England, plus look at the Swedish men in jail for doing nothing wrong in Cagayan De Oro, so please put the money in your own pockets than the government of the Philippines, this is a true statement, think of your country men in jail first please.

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