Danish men arrested for watching Philippine children being abused

Last week, the national police in Denmark arrested 10 men, who are suspected of having ordered and watched live-streaming of children being sexual abused in the Philippines. 

Wednesday last week, 10 people have been arrested in a big case about live-streaming of children being sexual abused in the Philippines, a press release from the national police in Denmark last week informs.

It is the national Cyber Crime Center in Denmark, NC3, who have received several informations that show that many of the suspects should have been using a computer in Denmark, while they ordered and payed for the live-streaming.

Police Commissioner of the Danish police’s Cyber Crime Center, Flemming Kjaerside, tells in the press release:

“Live-streaming of children being sexual abused is an abhorrent crime, and unfortunately we have seen more cases of this in the past few years,” he says and continues:

“The operation was very successful, but it is too early to say anything about the searches”.

The police have searched several addresses in Denmark.

Around 100 different IT equipments are now being analyzed further.


Source Fyens Stiftstidende:

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