Danish Nowocoat invests in Southeast Asia

Ole Enevold Jensen, director of Nowocoat, expects that the opening of a new office in Southeast Asia will create 20 new jobs in Kolding, Denmark and even more when the company also enters China. Photo: Søren Gylling

Danish Nowocoat, high-tech manufacturer of sustainable and environmentally friendly coating for professional and industrial use has embarked on an expansion plan with a big investment to strengthen the company’s position in Southeast Asia.

With an initiative driven by a goal of raising sustainability and environmental awareness through proximity, knowledge sharing, and short response times and to get close to the ever-growing Asian furniture industry, Nowocoat has established their Asian office in Vietnam under the name renowned brand Lurrell Sustainable Solutions which has been an integral part of Nowocoat for the past two years. The Asian office is run by a hand-picked team of experienced industry-renowned employees who know the Asian markets, the customers, and not least the challenges that characterize everyday life out there.

“Our time frame is 2021. We are already in full swing at our new address. We have the director in place, and we are meeting with future customers, says Ole Enevold Jensen, Nowocoat Director to JydskeVestkysten, and adds that the new activities in China, including the establishment of a new factory, will take place in 2022.

Nowocoat is driven by a passion to set a new sustainable agenda in the industry and approach the market with strategic initiatives, flexibility, and innovation on all fronts. It was launched when the paint and varnish manufacturer about six years ago divested most of its activities and embarked on the new ambitious journey. The ambitious journey paid off and Nowocoat has grown from 0 to DKK 150 million since launching and with the new activities in Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam, the company expects to grow another 50 percent.

With innovative so-called Green Tech products for coating concrete, metals, and wood, among other things, the company has achieved ambitious achievements. Nowocoat has certifications that ensure a position as a subcontractor to, among other things, the kitchen industry, a large number of recognized Danish furniture brands, and international design companies, including Swedish Ikea, which works with one of the world’s most detailed and demanding environmental manuals.

The new investment is also expected to ensure more Danish jobs. According to Ole Enevold Jensen, the new Southeast Asian activities will create around 20 new jobs at their factory in Koling, Denmark and even more when the company enters the Chinese market.

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