No priest on-site at the Church of Sweden in Hong Kong in spring 2021

St Pauls Chapel Kwai Chung

According to an announcement from Rickard Jönsson, Head of department at Church of Sweden abroad (Svenska kyrkan), the church will not have a priest in Hong Kong and China during spring 2021. Corona related travel restrictions are preventing the priest from being present at the church and the church plans to review their presence in the region and will return as soon as the opportunity allows it.    

The church states that during spring 2021, a priest can be reached via [email protected]

The Church of Sweden abroad is for people living or passing through China, Hong Kong & Taiwan. Under normal circumstances the church regularly holds services in Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong, offering baptisms, confirmation teachings, church blessings over civil marriages, memorial services/funerals, and individual talks.

The Church of Sweden abroad does not have its own premises but collaborates with local congregations and the Swedish embassy.

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