Danish students to be taught to have babies

With national fertility rates continually dropping, the Danish school system’s sex education curriculum will no longer just teach teens how to prevent getting pregnant, it will also encourage young people to have children before it’s too late. sexedu_dan

As part of a campaign to encourage young people to not wait until they are in their 30s to start a family, the Danish Family Planning Association (Sex & Samfund) will develop its education material to teach students that women’s fertility begins to decline in their 20s.

“When you look at sex education for the oldest students, it’s largely about how not to have children, so there is a focus on prevention, the use of contraceptives and the option of abortion. That means that young people lack knowledge on fertility and pregnancy,” Sex & Samfund spokesman Bjarne Christensen told Berlingske.

Christensen said that many young people are unaware that fertility starts to decline so early among women.

“That lack of knowledge can mean that people end up not having children or not having the number of children they want,” he said.

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