Denmark and Indonesia sign new agricultural MoU



On 12 April 2016 Danish Minister for Environment and Food Esben Lunde Larsen met his Indonesian partner, Minister for Agriculture, Amran Sulaiman.

“Both Indonesia and Denmark are agricultural nations. Danish companies may provide the rapidly growing middle class in Indonesia with safe food, and Danish companies are able to deliver equipment and knowhow to strengthen Indonesia’s own production,” says Esben Lunde Larsen.

A lot of interests to improve each other are the foundation of a new agreement between the two countries.

On 12 April 2016 the two ministers signed a comprehensive Cooperation Agreement on the agricultural and food production sectors that will effectively strengthen the Indonesian-Danish partnership. As the two ministers discussed in their bilateral meeting, strengthening the bilateral partnership is key to increase trade and investments between our two countries. Cooperating and working together on utilizing innovative technologies to increase agricultural and food production efficiency, food safety and security will not only benefit the agribusiness sector but also create economic growth and ensure a more sustainable production.

By signing the Agricultural MoU, the two Ministers sowed the seeds for growing the Danish-Indonesian partnership in the agricultural sector. Sharing knowledge, regulations and creating strong Business-to-Business cooperation is central to finding innovative solutions to the challenges of the 21st Century.

“Now when Danish companies can deliver technology to produce in a more sustainable way with focus on high food safety, it will hopefully benefit both Indonesia and Danish jobs in the food sector,” says Esben Lunde Larsen.

Indonesia is facing huge challenges to supply its people with food, and also to develop quality, safety and efficiency in the production. As the country is opening up to the global scene and is experiencing a rapid development, there are good chances for Danish companies to enter the market and gain a large position.

“Denmark is leading in green technology, and we have a lot to offer on this subject. If the technology suits Indonesia, it is more than welcome to be implented. The agreement we have signed, gives both countries a lot of options, and the agreement will last the next 5 years so far. Hopefully, it will last much longer,” says Arman Sulaiman.



In 2015 Denmark exported around DKK 228 million of food and agricultural products to Indonesia. It is especially dairy, fish, grains and seafood, together with technology, machines and other agricultural equipments, that is exported to Indonesia.



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