Swedish Phuket-expat through 13 years passed away

Swedish expat and Phuket resident through 13 years, Renato Di Meo passed away from heart failure at age 76 in his home in Surin province on April 7.

Renato Di Meo was an active member of the “Scandinavians of Phuket” expatiate community in Phuket (Skandinaver på Phuket), where he served as an auditor of the 250-member social club.

Renato Di Meo came to Sweden in the early years of the 1960’s. Renato was then 20 years old. During those years young people could be optimists. He studied economics at the university, learned Swedish and taught Italian for lively hood. And got jobs.

“We were both active in the trade union movement that pushed governments to expand the economy and create jobs. The labour market absorbed the immigrants quickly. He cared much for the new generation of migrants who ought to feel like he did, solidarity with his new homeland. Nowadays it is mostly to make individually success which means money”, Bo Jonsson, Swedish expat and friend says.

“My memories of Renato are filled with laughter. He had a wonderful humour. Not to forget the glint in his eyes. He was always so kind to Philip, my son. He came with books for him. Such kindness makes an impression on a mother forever.” says Eivor Westling, friend and Phuket expat.

He was known in the community for engaging in the battle for Swedish health insurance rights in the Swedish expat community, that demands to the Swedish government to give its expatriates coverage by the Swedish state health and hospital care insurance wherever their permanent residence may be.

The memory gathering was held at House 6 in Samakkea Village, Rawai, home of Swedes expat and friend, Bo Jonsson. 16 people took part in a candlelight ceremony, music and song. Many more had sent their regrets, having returned already to Sweden from Thailand and Phuket.

Mr Di Meo is survived by his wife Narinkorn and two sons in Sweden.

Renato DiMeo

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