Denmark and Indonesia strengthen organic dairy development cooperation 

Photo courtesy: Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia

Denmark is honored to be a trusted partner of Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture and sharing updates on the two nations’ cooperation on organic dairy development, the Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia informs that a Danish delegation recently visited dairy cooperative KPSP Setia Kawan in East Java. 

The delegation consisted of Danish experts from the Danish Veterinary & Food Administration (foedevarestyrelsen) and Danish Agricultural Agency (Landbrugsstyrelsen) and the visit aimed at discussing the challenges faced by dairy farmers in Nongkojajar. The Danish team also observed several dairy farms currently undergoing conversion to organic farming.

Moreover, the Embassy adds that a delegation from the Danida Market Development Partnership (DMDP) project led by a leading Danish organic dairy producer Arla has also met with dairy processors in Nongkojajar to help facilitate the journey of dairy farmers converting to organic in Indonesia. 

Photo courtesy: Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia

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