Denmark beats China when it comes to generating new talents


Denmark is ranked second in the world at developing talent. This is according to the new World Talent Report 2015 published on November 2015.

Denmark being one of the top nations in the world behind Switzerland, was ranked first for investment and development, ninth in terms of appeal and sixth for readiness.

China Hong Kong was ranked 12th, while Mainland China was further down at 40th.

“Pure economic power and talent don’t always go hand-in-hand,” warns Professor Arturo Bris, director of IMD’s World Competitiveness Center. 

Denmark leads the way in employee training, while China, Hong Kong and Thailand round up the top 20 in employee training.  Germany (7.51) and Switzerland (7.37) reach 2nd and 3rd places respectively. In the same indicator, Malaysia achieves 4th with 7.33, Japan 5th with 7.24 and Lithuania 9th with 6.80. Mongolia reaches the 11th spot with 6.78. Estonia, Latvia, Thailand and China Hong Kong round up the top 20 in employee training.

The criteria which pulled Denmark down was its cost of living index (ranked 55th), its effectice personal income tax rate (ranked 61th) and attracting foreign highly-skilled workers (ranked 31st).

“It’s always nice to be able to bask in a solid ranking, but in terms of our considerable challenges in attracting highly-skilled workers and qualified labour, there is a huge need for us to intensify our focus and understanding that the world is a massive talent pool,” said Charlotte Rønhof, the deputy head of industry advocacy organisation Dansk Industri.Switzerland tops world ranking of business talent.


The report is published annually by the Swiss business school IMD.

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