Denmark export more to China than Norway

China has pushed Norway out of Denmark’s top five export destinations

China has pushed Norway out of the top five export destinations for Denmark, Nordjyske writes.

Denmark has exported more to China than to Norway over the past 12 months, according to Statistics Denmark.

According to Chief Economist at Confederation of Danish Industry, Allan Sørensen, this is the first time in history.
“China has been on a journey in which they buy more Danish products. It is the first time they make their way into the top five,” Allan Sørensen says.

He explains that the export is very important for the Danish economy. “The export is larger than the domestic private consumption and it creates 850.000 jobs in Denmark,” Allan Sørensen explains.

In the calculated period, Denmark has sold DKK 70,1 billion worth of goods and services to China. Some of the main products include medicine and meat.

Norway is now the sixth biggest export destination with DKK 69,8 billion. Even though the total amount for Norway is now smaller than China the average amount spent per citizen is still way bigger in Norway.

According to Allan Sørensen’s calculations, an average Chinese person spends DKK 50 a year on goods and services while a Norwegian person spends DKK 13.000 annually.

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