Denmark, Singapore have world’s fastest mobile networks

The fastest average mobile networks in the world are in Denmark 21.6 Mbit/s, Singapore 16.7 Mbit/s, and in Switzerland 16.5 Mbit/s. netradar-header

In the US, the average mobile internet speed is 6.7 Mbit/s, in the UK 5.6 Mbit/s, and in Germany 5.9 Mbit/s.

These findings are from the Netradar mobile network maps created by the Internet Society and Aalto University in Finland.

Their report is based on data from ordinary Indian mobile phone users using Netradar, a free mobile application to measure mobile connections and devices. Aalto University developed the app and runs it globally. When using the application, users are presented with data about the quality of their connectivity.

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