Denmark, Singapore, Iceland, and Sweden are amongst top-10 countries with excellent quality of water

Although it is believed that the cleanest water in the world is found in Puerto Williams, Chile and it was discovered by the scientists of the University of Texas and Chile, Denmark, Singapore, Sweden, and Iceland are also reportedly amongst the top-10 countries with excellent water quality.

According to a recent article by media IndianWeb2, Denmark is a leader in wastewater management and sustainability. As one of the first countries in the world, Denmark created in 1971 a ministry for the environment in its parliament after water pollution had reached alarming levels in the country’s water resources in the 1960s. Today four decades later, the Danish government takes an active part in the program of cleaning water while sharing the country’s expertise in this field with the world.

But there is more excellent water globally and one of the countries in the world that have maintained high-quality water for a long time is Singapore. In fact, the Singapore National Water Agency claims on its website that the city of Singapore is the city with the best quality water in the world. The average person in Singapore consumes 150 liters of water a day however and Singaporeans high demand for clean water is drying up the sources in the country. 

Adding to the top countries with excellent water quality is Sweden, a country famous for its water quality. In the Nordic country, 95.700 lakes and springs supply the population with clean water and in 2017 the city of Stockholm actually got its water quality certified by the International ISO Water Quality Certificate.  

Iceland is not only known for the country’s natural beauty but also for having some of Europe’s cleanest water sources. Water in Iceland seeps from volcanic sediments and comes into the lakes. The water there does not require chemical treatment and travelers coming to the Nordic country are recommended to drink water directly from the lakes.

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