Denmark supports Vietnam’s sustainable development for fisheries sector

Deputy Minister of MARD, Mr Vu Van Tam and Danish Ambassador, Mr John Nielsen co-at the event. Photo:
Deputy Minister of MARD, Mr Vu Van Tam and Danish Ambassador, Mr John Nielsen co-at the event. Photo:

The Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi on December 21 hold a conference to wrap up the fisheries sector programme support phase II (FSPS II).

Deputy Minister of MARD, Mr Vu Van Tam and Danish Ambassador, Mr John Nielsen co-chaired the event.

Over seven years from 2006 to 2012, FSPS II has introduced many practical models to help more than 42,000 poor people in eight target provinces have stable incomes and step by step escaping from poverty.

According to Deputy Minsister Vu Van Tam, the program has succeeded in promoting sustainable fish production in Vietnam by improving fisheries administration, diversifying aquaculture and refining post-harvest quality control and marketing aspects.

“The Vietnamese government will maintain and build on the results of the programme as well as pour more investment in aquaculture with a view to turning it into a key economic sector”, he added.

Thanks to FSPS II, increased fish production, mainly from aquaculture, has improved the nutrition as 30% of the animal protein consumed in Vietnam now comes from fish – almost double the world average. Market destinations have been diversified with 136 countries receiving quality Vietnamese fisheries products.

With a total budget of USD45 million, improved food safety from better post-harvest conditions and product traceability coupled with value addition options have helped Vietnam to become the third biggest fishery exporter in the world, based largely on the Pangasius and shrimp sub-sectors.

Speaking at the conference, Ambassador John Nielsen shared: “Vietnam has reached 6.1 billion USD in seafood export revenue. This provides a foundation for Vietnam and Denmark to move forward to a new form of cooperation based on a commercial partnership for mutual benefit”.

There are continuing challenges in terms of environmental concerns, vulnerability to climate change and disease risk. Continued commercial contacts with Denmark will ensure business links to establish and maintain access to profitable global markets: the combined effects of increasing poor household incomes and quality product export increases are good indicators of FSPS II successes.

Since 1993, the Danish Government has so far supported the Vietnam’s fisheries sector with more than USD100 million. This support and the Government’s own efforts have brought dramatic and positive changes in terms of poverty reduction, improved nutrition and employment options for millions. Notably, nearly 50% of jobs created employs women.

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