Denmark to assist Philippines in reskilling workers in green energy field

Denmark aims to assist the Philippines in upskilling and reskilling Filipino workers in the field of renewable energy (RE).

Approximately, 50,000 Filipinos will be trained by prestigious international organizations for the enhancement of technical skills of the targeted workforce.

“We’ll create 50,000 jobs for Filipinos in the renewable energy sector. We’re taking initiatives and the idea is that: first of all, Philippines would be needing its own workforce that can build all of these solar farms and windmills and run them; and there would also be a need for these people globally,” said the Danish Ambassador to the Philippines Franz-Michael Mellbin.

Afterwards, these workers would receive globally recognized certificates which will open more opportunities for them to proceed with their expertise in green jobs in the Philippines and overseas.

The Philippines have put effort into shaping the country to become the “Asian Hub” for offshore wind industry workers, therefore the training will not only benefit the governmental sectors, but will also benefit the workers themselves and both local and foreign renewable energy companies which are struggling with the shortage of technically-skilled workers in the field.


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2 Comments on “Denmark to assist Philippines in reskilling workers in green energy field”

  1. This is the kind of assistance needed by the Philippines. Considering the millions of Filipino Youth who are willing to learn and that they can easily adapt to different cultures, other countries will be benefited too. AURAPHIL thanks Denmark. I hope other countries will do the same be training the Youth in other Sectors such as public transportation (Water, Land and Air), Agricultural Products processing for domestic needs and other countries in need. GOD bless.

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