Denmark to promote export to Vietnam, China and Indonesia

The Danish government along with the liberal parties has decided to invest DKK 70 million in promoting export to 10 carefully selected high growth countries. Among them are China, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The 70 million are to be used on an effort to increase Danish export to high growth markets; efforts to promote small and medium sized companies’ export and local market guidance and effort, while some of the money will also be spent on attracting investments to Denmark from the high growth economies.

”There will soon be change in the world economy. If we do not prepare for this now we will miss the chance to boost Denmark’s economy,” said Minister for Trade and Investments, Pia Olsen Dyhr.

As an example of what the 70 million will go to, the Minister uses Vietnam and water technology.

In Denmark we can extract water from the ground with very little waste, while they in Hanoi waste 50 percent on the same process. A way of promoting exports might be to invite a number of Danish water companies to Hanoi who could then make offers on water tech solutions.

22 million are to be used helping small and medium sized companies to increase export. This could be through finding local partners for companies that are trying to reach the Chinese market and also help them explore the demand on the market.

Pia Olsen Dyhr would have liked to spend more money on Danish promotions in the high growth countries, but she understands that the funds are limited these days.

“It’s more than we originally had in the budget so I would like to thank the liberal parties for succeeding in finding the additional funds as these promotions are important to Danish economy,” the Minister said.


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