DHI holds hydrodynamic modelling, marine scour course in Shanghai

DHI Water & Environment, the Danish water environments expert consultancy held a ‘MIKE 21’ (modelling software developed by DHI) and marine scour course in Shanghai, China, from 16 – 20 March 2015 for over 100 participants from the coast and marine industry.

Photo: DHI Group
Photo: DHI Group

The hands-on course started off with the fundamentals of 2D hydrodynamic modelling (HD) using MIKE 21 and provided an introduction on how to set up a hydrodynamic model using flexible mesh bathymetry. The trainers also taught components of sand and mud transport modelling with MIKE 21 sediment transport (ST), as well as ecological modelling using ECO Lab.

‘The 2D HD fundamental course was very detailed’, said Mr Hao Yanbin, an engineer from Yellow River Water Resources Protection and Research Institute, Henan. ‘It has helped me gain a better understanding of water modelling, leading to more precise modelling results.’

The 2-day MIKE 21 course was followed by the scour course, ‘Scour around marine structures – Dealing with scour-related problems in water environments’, held for the first time in China. Dr Thor Ugelvig Petersen, DHI’s Research Engineer from our Denmark office and Water Environment Engineer Wang Zhang-jiao from DHI China conducted the training.

During this course, the participants were introduced to:
– the process of identifying scour issues in the marine environment
– possible scour mitigation solutions for various types of marine structures
– the latest research and development in scour-related challenges in water environments with a focus on offshore wind turbine foundations

The instructor described the scour process vividly using appropriate examples, allowing us to learn about various scour issues for different marine structures. The course was indeed highly relevant to existing scour scenarios!’ said Professor Zeng Yong from China University of Petroleum, Beijing.

The course concluded with hands-on exercises, which included computer simulations in MIKE 21.

“The course content seemed highly relevant and the detailed information on scour around offshore wind turbine foundations were well received by the participants,” said Thor Ugelvig Petersen.

DHI’s knowledge of water environments is second-to-none. It represents 50 years of dedicated research and real-life experience from more than 140 countries. DHI strives to make this knowledge globally accessible to clients and partners by channelling it through its local teams and unique software.

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