Documentary about Singaporean exiles has been banned

Chan Sun Wing a Singaporean exile living in Thailand.
Chan Sun Wing a Singaporean exile living in Thailand reads a poem in the movie “To Singapore, With Love”.

“To Singapore, With Love”, a film by Singaporean director Tan Pin Pin has been banned from being shown or distributed in Singapore. The film follows Singaporean trade unionists, student leaders and Communists who fled the country in the 60’s and 70’s in fear of being imprisoned under Singapore’s Internal Security Acts, New York Times report.

The reason behind the ban is that the content supposedly undermines national security. Ms. Tan Pin Pin is very disappointed about the ban.

“I made this film because I myself wanted to better understand Singapore. I wanted to understand how we became who we are by addressing what was banished and unspoken for,” Ms. Tan told New York Times. “I was also hoping that the film would open up a national conversation to allow us to understand ourselves as a nation better too.”

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