Children’s books about butts and a cycling mosquito sells in China

Photo: Stilfehler @ WikiCommons
Photo: Stilfehler @ WikiCommons

More and more Danish children’s books are making their way to the bookshelves in China. Particularly the funny books have caught the interest of the Chinese Denmark’s Radio (DR) reports.

13 Danish publishers have just visited one of the world’s largest book fairs in Beijing. Here they experienced the Chinese to be especially interested in Danish children’s books. Flemming Møldrup from the children’s book publisher ABC tells DR.

“The Chinese are very open to get offers to recieve books from western countries. You might think that it is closed, but it isn’t. It is super open and I think it is connected to the one child policy were the child becomes the center of attention,” he tells DR.

A Danish children’s book that is already on the shelf in China is the 1967 classic “Egon the Cycling Mosquito”. But the Chinese distributers are not afraid to buy some of the more profane books, for instance ABC books have sold the “The Big Butt Book”, an illustrated book about the diversity of bums, to the Chinese market.

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