Dragon Slide: Learn about start-ups in China

“For anyone with true global business and career ambitions, China is no longer an elective course, it is core curriculum.”
As written numerous times before, not only by ScandAsia but pretty much every respectable business magazines, China is no longer just a market, it is ascending towards the market, the land of milk and honey.
And for Swedes interested in knowing more about how to start up a start-up in China, there’s a chance to get some fresh first hand accounts on how to handle the insecure situation that it is to invest time and money in a very foreign culture.
On the 25th of May the Sweden-China Startup Forum will hold a day of talks and exhibitions in Stockholm for people interested in the do’s and dont’s of China.


13:00-13:30 – Arrival & Registration

13:30-13:40 – Intro: Wake Up and Turn Towards China!

13:40-14:40 – Why China?: by Swedish Entrepreneurs & Professionals
– Lisa Lindström, VP & Owner Doberman Group AB
– Ulf Borbos, Head of Sme2Go Swedish Incubators & Science Parks
– Monica Hedberg, Programme Director Uppsala Innovation Center
– Alberto Corti, Head of SSES Ventures
– Mala Chackraborti, Senior Adviser Ericsson Garage

14:40-15:00 – Explore China: Swedish Students Going to China
– Josefine Gillver, Project Leader Explore China
– Selected Students “Why I applied”

15:00-15:30 – Break & Mingle

15:30-16:00 – Chinese Startup & Innovation Ecosystem
– Jacob Lovén, Producer & Host, Den Digitala Draken

16:00-16:30 – Taming the Dragon: Swedish Success Stories in China
– Jacob Lovén, Producer & Host, Den Digitala Draken

16:30-17:30 – Mingle & Closing

Exhibition of Chinese Startups in Sweden and Swedish Startups turning towards China, looking for co-founders and co-workers. Along with organizations taking Swedish students to China.

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