Scandinavian embassies call to release of jailed Burmese journalists

The two jailed Burmese journalists still causes uproar in the international society, including embassies based in Myanmar.

And on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, the embassies and section offices were seldom quiet on the current imprisonment – not only of the two journalists, but also of the police officer defending them.

The Embassy of Denmark in Myanmar published this video:

The Danish embassy has criticized the Burmese government on several occasions for the imprisonment of the two journalists, and has published statements like this more than once:

A week ago the following  and the Danish ambassador recently appeared on government TV to discuss the issue.

The Embassy of Sweden Section Office Myanmar published a similar statement, though a statement made by the EU and published on several member-countrie’s Facebook pages.

Another statement, also from the EU, was released by the Embassy of Finland in Yangon:

The Norwegian embassy also published a statment about the imprisoned journalists:

“Over the past months, the Norwegian Embassy has been observing the trial against Reuters journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo in Yangon Northern District Court. We applaud today’s decision by the judge to allow the testimony of Police Captain Moe Yan Naing’s to stand. Nevertheless, the continued detention of Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo cast a dark shadow on the Myanmar government’s commitment for press freedom. We reiterate our call for their immediate release,” the statement published on Facebook read.

Prior to the World Press Freedom Day, the judge in the case of the two imprisoned journalist ruled to take a police officers statement into account – a statement claiming that the journalists were set up by the local police. The officer received a one year sentence for breaking police rules.

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