DTAC created “Young Safe Internet Cyber Camp” for 12-18years old

Today, 10 April 2020, is the last day to apply to “Young Safe Internet Cyber Camp”, organized by Total Access Communication (DTAC) and Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA).
The summer cyber camp aims to give the opportunity of leaning by doing experience to adolescents of 12-17 years old, understanding how to use internet safely with awareness. The curriculum divided into 3 sections being :
1. Anatomy of fake news: participants get to help each other out and find out how to differentiate fake news.
2. Diversity and Cyberbullying: participants get a personal test on topics of embracing personal identity / character, along with how to identify others characters and how to live happily together as society. As well as how to emotionally handle situation when cyberbullying has taken place in life.
3. Online Gaming and sexual abuse: Participants will learn on how to protect online personal data, How hacker works and how to self protect from online scams / sexual seduction that came along with and how to protect themselves from online sexual harassment.
How to apply for this program – All juniors from 12-17 years old require to form a group consist of 3-5 people as a team. The team will brainstorm and send their proposal regarding “How to solve problems of cyber bullying”.
The judges will pick the most interesting proposal groups that will gain access to the next level of training which include getting online mentoring by professional in various fields, receiving 20-40,000THB budget per each group to create an online educational media to be publish to national / international audience later on.
The cyber camp starts on 28 April 2020. To apply there is no fee and only accepting 100 participant this year. For more information please click here.

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