DTCC Executive Director resigning

Carsten Carlstedt was appointed as the new Executive Director of The Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce November the 7th 2014, in 2015 he hope to operate the chamber with more focused events and a monthly newsletter with stories about the members of the Chamber.
Carsten Carlstedt was appointed as the new Executive Director of The Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce in November 2014.

Danish Chamber of Commerce (DTCC) send out a public announcement telling that Secretary General and Executive Director Mr Carsten Jens Carlstedt has tendered his resignation. Mr Carlstedt has been at DTCC since November 2014.

The soon to be former Executive Director won’t comment on the resignation but he states that he has been happy about his time in DTCC:

“I want to let everyone know that I have been pleased with the cooperation with members, the board and everyone working in the organization. I would like to send a thank you to everyone I have been working with,” he says.

He looks back at a memorable time and mentions the human aspects of the work as one of many highlights.

“I have appreciated to cooperate transversely, to have human contact and expanding my network,” he says and adds that he is also satisfied with the achievements after 2 years at DTCC:

“We have turned around 4 years of deficit into surplus and we have turned a decreasing membership into an increasing membership count. This has happened thanks to a fantastic joint effort.”

Mr Carlstedt is not sure what the future is going to bring him but he hopes for the best and would prefer to stay in Thailand, he says. The last 3 years he has engaged in a the charity organization Periamma as a volunteer Contrary Manager, raising funds for the organization and he is glad to find more time for that, he tells. Mr Carlsted last day at DTCC will be July 29.

DTCC has started the recruitment process for a qualified replacement, they write. ScandAsia asked vice president of DTCC Dr. Supareak Charlie Chomchan what kind of candidate they are looking for.

“We are open for candidate who has commitments to manage chamber office, to promote chamber’s activities and membership, to facilitate and to serve member’s needs. Nationality is not a restriction as long as the candidate has full potential to manage necessary tasks according job description with managerial, leadership, and interpersonal/communication skill. Danish related background, experience, or language is a personal advantage. Right now we are in the process of job posting. It might take a while to recruit the right person. Our board members will assist the operation until we have the suitable replacement.” he wrote.


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