Efterlysning / Missing person

Update: Mr. René Mølsted Jepsen was immediately alerted by friends who had seen this news item on the morning it was posted. He then contacted editor Gregers Moller and received all contact details of his brother and within 24 hours of posting the news, the two were back in contact with each other. In an email from Mr. Kent Mølsted Jorgensen he sends his thanks to all who helped share the news and thereby made the speedy re-connection with his brother possible.

Thank you!


On July 11, 2014, ScandAsia published:

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of Mr. René Mølsted Jepsen from Denmark, who supposedly lives in Thailand today, is encouraged to please inform ScandAsia editor Mr. Gregers Møller. His halfbrother Mr. Kent Mølsted Jorgensen urgently wants to contact him because of death in the family.

Kent Mølsted Jorgensen last met with his halfbrother in 2010 where he was just about to move to Thailand. At that time, René’s brother, André, had already moved to live in Thailand as well. If anyone knows how to contact the brother André it may also be helpful.

René Mølsted Jepsen may not use his full name but only René Jepsen. He may even not use Jepsen as his last name, but his mothers last name name “Bang” instead. Any clues are welcome.


Gregers Moller may be contacted by email to [email protected] or sms to +66816290117

Thank you.

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