Election promise: Sex toys would give Thailand an economic boost

Lifting the ban on sex toys would be a good way to strengthen the economy in Thailand. That’s what the Democratic Party in Thailand thinks, which draws attention to the issue ahead of the upcoming election.

Importing sex aids and toys is largely prohibited in Thailand. Still, they are marketed and sold in street markets.

The Democrats thinks that both people’s sex lives and the state treasury would be better off by legalization.

Not only would the state be able to collect taxes, the market will be safer if it is regulated as it is in other countries, says the Democrats’ party leader Rachada Thanadirek, according to Thai media.

The proposal is presented before the country’s parliamentary elections on May 14. The report also references international forecasts that the sex toy market will continue to grow strongly.

Thailand has an extensive sex industry, which presents the country with ethical problems because it attracts visitors and large revenues while also involving a wide black sector of human trafficking and abuse.

The Democratic Party (Phak Prachathipat) was founded in the 1940s. They have led several governments, most recently with Abhisit Vejjajiva as prime minister from 2008–2011. After the last election in 2019, the party supported junta leader Prayut Chan-O-Cha as continued head of government.

Source: aftonbladet.se

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