Elizabeth Romhild’s new duo exhibition: Racing Cars Vs Femme Fatale

The opening of a new exhibition at La Lanta Art Gallery (Sukhumvit 31) on a recent Saturday evening was taken by surprise when the curator presented a birthday cake to Thailand’s national artist Sumet Jumsai na Ayudhya – one of the artists behind the works on display – who just turned 74 on the same day. 

The duo exhibition Parallel showcases sensational paintings by Sumet and Bangkok-based Danish painter Elizabeth Romhild whose distinctive styles and gender traits were met in parallel via their self-expression on canvas.

Sumet’s “structural” and “masculine” attributes were shown in the paintings of the racing cars – from the Formula One to Maserati – and some of the Thai islands whereas Elizabeth uses feminism figures to tell her emotions.

A series of ladies in bold colours and affectionate hues – who go by the names of Aiko, Abella, Cybelle and etc – were head-cropped allowing only the eyes to speak their fears, sorrows and charms.

Elizabeth stated in an opening remark that the eyes give the truest impression by any organs in human body: “Eyes don’t lie.”

Staring at the two genres back and forth, one couldn’t help but to feel a little bit confused; sad seductive women and race cars don’t actually go well together. But once the impressive colours simmer in, what’s left for all to see are the fusing emotions that have been transcended from its creators.

Nearly 50 Bangkok’s art elites and diplomats, including the Danish Ambassador Mikael Hemniti Winther and his wife, attended the opening marked by former premier Anundhra Punyarachun.

Danish Ambassador to Thailand Mikael Hemniti Winther (left) and Elizabeth Romhild (right) at the exhibition.
Sumet Jumsai na Ayudhya (right) and an exhibition attendee.
Danish Ambassador Mikael Winther (right) and his wife Ratanawadee (right) poses with Thailand’s former premier Anundhra Punyarachun.
Sumet Jumsai na Ayudhya, Elizabeth Romhild, Anundhra Punyarachun and the gallery owner/curator Sukontip Ostick.
Thailand former premier Anundhra Punyarachun greeted by La Lanta Art Gallery owner Sukontip Fon Ostick.

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