Embassy of Finland in Thailand supports development projects

The Embassy of Finland is supporting selected small-scale development projects in the lower Mekong Region through Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC), budgeted at around 120.000 euro annually. The fund is an instrument of the Finnish government to complement its development cooperation efforts and usually available from Finnish embassies to local Civil Society in eligible countries.

Following the objectives of Finland’s Development Policy Programme, the FLC aims to encourage social equality, poverty alleviation, good governance, human rights, prevention of environmental treat and increase of security and economic interaction. The current FLC Strategy of the Embassy of Finland in Bangkok puts particular emphasis on projects working with the following scheme:

1. Peace Building and Conflict Transformation

Strengthening of Democratic Processes through Political, Economical, Social and Cultural Inclusion

Rehabilitation and Reconciliation


2.  Marginalised and Excluded Groups

Promotion of Human and Civil Rights Situation

Local actors of civil society (non-governmental organisation, community-based organisation, institution, independent media, public corporation, cultural institution i.e. museum, library and theatre, chamber of commerce and association, foundation, religious community) in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Thailand are invited to submit their projects proposals to the Embassy of Finland in Bangkok. The project committee reviews proposals and makes decisions about funding on a yearly basis. After the selection process, the organisations will be contacted by the Embassy for the results of their applications. The budget for 2013 will be smaller than in previous years.

Deadline for applications is April 30.

To read more about the projects and applications go here

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