Emigration of Scandinavians to the US

Today, there’s a high percentage of foreign immigrants in the most developed Countries of the world. Let’s think of the US. There, foreign immigrants represent over 60% of the total citizens in the US and even today fluxes of immigrants from other places continue to reach the US.

Reasons to live home to reach the US

For many reasons, the US are synonymous of liberty, equality and democracy – even though we should all rethink our concepts of these 3 values, being today the American society way far from being land to equality and democracy, anyways…

As for Scandinavians, during the 19th and 20th centuries, big fluxes of emigrants from Sweden and Norway reached the American coasts. The reasons why so many Sweden citizens decided to leave their homes and move to the US are that in the US farm land was highly available and sold for a low cost.

This attracted many people not only from Scandinavia but also from southern Countries in Europe.

Arabians in the US

There are a few Arabic people who continue to reach the US in the hope to find a better life. These Arabian speaking people are mainly from Countries from North Africa and central Africa.

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Casino games for Arabs

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