Ethnic Minority’s land issues forum held in Hanoi


A policy forum on land issues in ethnic minority areas was held on Jan 25 in Hanoi. The aim was to bring together different stakeholders to discuss the current situation and propose solutions for land policies in ethnic minority and mountainous areas towards 2020. Norway, together with the other G4 embassies, participated in the forum.

The policy forum was jointly organized by the Ethnic Minority Council of the National Assembly, the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA) and the United Nations in Vietnam. The forum gathered around 100 participants, including representatives from the Government, donor community and ethnic minority groups. Opening speeches were given by Mr. Son Phuoc Hoan, Vice minister of the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs, and Ms. Pratibha Metha, Resident Coordinator of United Nations in Vietnam.

The participants discussed findings and recommendations from research on land issues, livelihoods- and living conditions of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Current land policies for ethnic minorities were discussed, and concrete recommendations were given with regard to the revision of the 2003 Land Law. The group of four (Canada, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland) gave a statement where they welcomed the holding of the policy forum and the progress that has been done so far to improve the situation for many ethnic minority communities and emphasized the importance of giving minorities a stronger voice in land management.

Source: The Embassy of Norway in Vietnam

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