EU seeks to protect sensitive tech from China

The European Commission will publish a list of critical technologies it believes Europe shouldn’t make easily available to countries like China. Brussels fears these technologies could harm the unions security, EU interests and human rights.

The European Parliament is also set to green light a mechanism that will allow to impose taxes, restrict investment and limit access to public contracts for nations suspected of engaging in economic blackmail.

The move is seen as a response to a dispute with China over trade restrictions imposed on EU member Lithuania after it strengthened ties with Taiwan.

Although the European Union says it seeks to maintain dialogue with Beijing, Brussels has stepped up its efforts to limit critical trade with China. European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, has recently opened up about the plan to “de-risk” but not “decouple” from China. She has repeatedly emphasized the need for Europe to produce more and work with friendlier nations to ensure “economic security.”

The key technologies in question could include quantum computing, advanced semiconductors and artificial intelligence.
Von der Leyen said back in June, that the EU was looking at a “limited, small set of cutting-edge technologies.”

“We want to make sure they do not enhance the military capabilities of some countries of concern,” she added.

EU officials have previously raised concerns that Europe does not know hot to assess which technology exports could be damaging. There was no direct mention of China, but according to experts, the target of the tougher measures is obvious.

Latest, Brussels opened an investigation into Chinese EV’s after claiming they lead to unfair competition in the EU market. The investigation triggered fears of a trade war with Beijing.


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