Extradited Dane beaten in Thai prison


The 37-year-old Dane who was extradited from Thailand to Denmark was relieved when he landed in Copenhagen Airport, where he was picked up by Danish police.

The Dane who is a father of two and married to a Thai only spent a week in a Thai jail cell after being arrested. According to the Dane, the seven days were spent in a cell of eight square meters that he shared with 35 other inmates. He claims that he was beaten by the other prisoners because he only had 40 baht on him, which was not enough to buy protection.

”He was very happy to see the Danish police,” said prosecutor Helle Giersing.

Last year he was convicted of 50 counts of fraud and sentenced to eight months of community service. He then fled Denmark and has been hiding in Thailand since then.

Following the sentence he is suspected of more internet fraud. He is also suspected of having changed his brain damaged brother in law’s bank information to cheat him out of large sums. If found guilty the suspended conviction will be changed to a prison sentence. In addition he risks another four-six months for his most recent crimes.

When he appeared in court on Friday he confessed the new charges. The hearing was only a few minutes at the main objective was to have him detained as he is considered a flight risk.

After being convicted he left for Thailand with his children, an 11-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy. After his arrest his Thai wife has been taking care of the children and the Danish Embassy will make sure that they are being cared for.


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