Fifa World Cup 2018: calls for celebration with ScandAsia

In the morning of 15 November it was clear that no less than three Nordic national football teams had qualified for the Fifa World Cup finals in Football in Russia, to take place on 14 June – 15 July 2018.

Football Fever at ScandAsia! Celebrating that the Nordic teams have qualified for the Fifa Football World Cup finals in Russia in 2018, with an After Work beer/football session. From left: Managing Director Gregers Moller, Managing Editor Joakim Persson, and Marketing Manager Finn Baslev

Sweden had in the process progressed at the expense of Italy, and the Danish Vikings had impressed in beating the Irish in their play-off matches.

The impact of this news was immediate also in our region, with several Danish and Swedish missions congratulating their respective themes on their achievement.

ScandAsia also wants to congratulate Denmark, Iceland and Sweden to this major achievement, and look forward to many exciting football community events also in Asia in connection to the at least nine matches with a Nordic interest next summer!

At ScandAsia we recognise the significance of this and are enthusiastic about the role we will be able to play for PR and marketing leading up to and during the Fifa World Cup in 2018.

ScandAsia therefore has the following call to action: If you have a Nordic/Scandinavian brand or Nordic-related restaurant or bar etc., and would want to tap into the big Nordic community in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and China in connection to the World Cup tournament, then you should get in touch with us at ScandAsia!

ScandAsia’s Marketing Manager Mr Finn Baslev says: “Since we cover all things relating to the Nordics here ScandAsia is certainly the best platform–and in fact the only one of its size and capacity within its target area–for this kind of outreach and engagement! We will be happy to assist in promotion and marketing activities as well as spreading the news in relation to the Nordic teams’ upcoming participation during the world cup. We can offer efficient opportunities for outreach.”

“It is certainly not every day we have three Nordic teams in the World Cup!” comments Managing Director Gregers Moller. “We anticipate there will be lots of Scandinavian-related events connecting to the football matches – events that ScandAsia will cover as much as we can. This is an excellent way for us to reach out and connect to the Nordics in a setting where one can really gather Asians and Scandinavians together! This will generate a lot of good exposure for all. We know of many food and beverage outlets that will most certainly tap into this rare occasion! Many years have passed since we had the World Cup in Asia (Japan and South Korea), with Denmark and Sweden,” he adds.

The time schedule when the games will take place is also relatively favourable, with many matches to take place at 8 pm and 11 pm IndoChina Time (ICT).

Gregers, who normally do not follow football much, can see that this is something really relevant for ScandAsia to highlight, also since it is a matter of branding and the promotion of the Scandinavian countries Denmark and Sweden over here in Asia, that will by the way also be promoted as travel destinations with a special theme (February 2018) in the forthcoming new regional ScandAsia format.

Finn and the Managing Editor Joakim Persson, meanwhile, have a stong interest in football and usually discuss the ups and downs in the British Premier League football on a weekly basis at the ScandAsia office.

Brands, sponsors, event organisers (such as hotels and restaurants) etc. can contact ScandAsia to discuss the opportunities for partnerships and outreach and engagement with ScandAsia.

“ScandAsia rarely covers football, or sports, with the exception of the occasional Formula One races taking place in the region, based on the strong Nordic participation in that sport, or if there is a Scandinavian-related golf tournament arranged in our waters, or similar. But the Fifa World Cup is an event on an entirely different scale and hugely popular also in Asia,” says Joakim Persson.

The ScandAsia team congratulate the Nordic teams and are very much looking forward to this engagement. We celebrated the good football news with an After Work beer and football photo session on Friday 17 November at the Bangkok headquarters.

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Contact ScandAsia for World Cup Football 2018 engagement: Finn Baslev (for marketing and sponsorships), [email protected]; or Frank (for Singapore), [email protected]; or Joakim Persson (regarding editorial news and suggestions), [email protected].

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