Filipino ambassador has a soft spot for the Nordic regions

Last week, from Thursday till Saturday, the Filipino Ambassador to the Nordic countries, Bayani S. Mercado visited Copenhagen. The Copenhagen post asked the widely travelled Filipino about his favourite places and the Nordic regions is high on the list.

Mercado, who has served as an ambassador to the region since 2011 said:

“I lived in New York for 12 years and always thought that was my favourite place. Two of my three children were born there, so it’s always held a certain attachment for me. But now the Nordic countries are really climbing the list. Anywhere I go, I seem to enjoy it.”

He explained that even though the Filipinos have a different mentality, the Nordics have their charm.

“The people of the Philippines are very fun-loving and positive,” he explained. “Everyone is always smiling. It’s part of our culture to be optimistic. It’s a bit different compared to the Nordic countries. At first, people don’t seem that friendly and are a bit more serious, but once you get to know them, they become very good friends. It just takes a bit longer.”

The climate in the Philippines and the North also differ a lot. The most important thing he’s learned, is not to let the weather affect his plans.

“If you want to ride your bike or go running and it’s raining, ride it anyway. Go anyway,” he said.

Mercado looks forward to visiting the attractions like parliament and Christianshavn where one attraction stood out.

“I’ve wanted to see the Little Mermaid since I was a child and read Hans Christian Andersen,” he explained.

“Seeing that on this trip was really a dream come true.”

Source: The Copenhagen Post