Finland to help Vietnam develop smart cities

Finland’s Minister of Economic Affairs said on October 21 his country would help Viet Nam achieve ambitious targets for smart and green cities by providing assistance in sustainable urban planning, industrial design, clean technologies and digital services, along with education and training.

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Speaking at a seminar held in HCM City, Jan Vanpaavuori said that smart cities used innovative solutions to energy, environment, digitalisation, transportation and habitation to make everyday life easier.

“The fast urbanisation and dynamic modernisation process in Viet Nam has increased demand for energy efficiency, smart transport and modern city infrastructure. This enormous growth potential makes Viet Nam a very interesting partner in the Smart City area,” he said.

Vanpaavuori said Finland had invested a great deal in demand-driven innovations and new business solutions, assisted by forward-thinking companies

While solutions can be complex and involve several fields, the focus is on smart and energy-efficient buildings, transport solutions, low-emission energy systems and intelligent city infrastructure like smart grids, heating and cooling, transportation and waste- and water-management systems.

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  1. Can you send me finland companies name who are making samrt city projects in Vitenam so I can also work out for them for India.Because India also making 100 smart cities now in India and looking for companies like this.I am India based consultant looking for such companies contacts and details.

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